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Martina Vian

Martina is a Life Coach, NLP Therapist, Healer and Mentor. She was born in Italy and moved to the United Kingdom in her twenties.

Martina’s own experiences of dysfunctional family dynamics, limiting beliefs, codependency, anxiety and stress led her to a breaking point.

This extremely difficult time turned out to be a breakthrough. Two years of mental, physical and spiritual healing gave her a deep transformation.

Martina has been dedicating her life to understanding how our mind works and its connection with our body and emotions; recognising trauma dynamics, exploring relationships, pursuing personal and spiritual growth and experiencing the healing power of meditation and mindfulness.

After working consistently in the corporate world for almost two decades Martina began owning her gift for helping others with their personal journey to mental and emotional well-being, let go of suffering and create who they want to become. She lives in London, United Kingdom, with her cat Shakti.

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